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At LichauCoach, our leadership development coaching services emphasize the importance of building strong relationships. We believe that customer feedback is a valuable tool in helping our clients enhance their leadership skills and foster better relationships."


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Physician-Scientist, Boston, MA USA

"Trishia is patient, caring and understanding. She is a wonderful listener, very attentive to one’s needs. One of her best qualities is that she helps people by digging deep down to the root of a topic. She partners with people to build their potential from the bottom up. It has been delightful working with her and learning from her. I give my highest recommendation for her coaching process."
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Marketing Manager, Boston, MA, USA

"Insightful, smart, and committed to your success are some of the special qualities that come to mind when I think about what makes Trishia such a valuable coach. Trishia makes it about you - your goals - and your definition of a meaningful life. Her approach is powerful because she "teaches you how to fish for a lifetime." Trishia is masterful at unlocking your strengths that others see in you but you may not see in yourself. She's wise, has a tremendous amount of practical experience from which to tap into, and does a great job of moving you toward your goals.If you're looking for a results-driven career coach who will hold you accountable to yourself, Trishia is a great fit."
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Director of Strategy and Operations, Boston, MA, USA

"Working with Trishia was life changing for me. She helped me reframe my thinking and take charge of my own decisions and behaviors. She skillfully embedded the skill of self-reflection in my everyday life. Her follow up, precise recall of what we had discussed in our sessions and her ability to hold me accountable were amazingly effective. She challenged me while keeping me motivated and helped ignite my inner passion and drive. Trishia taught me we are all masters of our own destiny. I honestly think her coaching skills are unique in that she is not afraid to tell the truth. There are very few people in this world like Trishia. She is authentic."
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Management Consultant, Singapore

"Trishia is an insightful, caring coach. She has been a tremendous help in supporting me through some personal issues. She keeps me motivated and we focus on the most important, valuable points. She goes deep and I am able to reflect and take a different perspective gaining profound results. I highly recommend Trishia!"
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Young Professional,

Manila Philippines

"I worked with Trishia for personal and professional growth. I almost canceled our first meeting as I was struggling with my anxieties, but she encouraged me to continue. That first session ended up being the seed which continued to grow and bear fruits as our sessions unfolded. I approached our sessions with the request for a sounding board. I later discovered layers of obstacles that were hindering me from moving forward. As we peeled each layer, I realized that one key element to addressing my concerns was my perspective. Trishia patiently used the technique of reframing to work with me through my negative challenges to become positive opportunities. Needless to say, I am where I am today through Trishia’s support. Having a diverse set of experiences, she was quick to understand the impact of cultural norms. Her roles as a professional, mother, and coach have molded her to be empathetic, encouraging, and eloquent with her clients. I would recommend Trishia’s coaching to everyone – whether you are in need of a leap, or a lifeline."
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Connecticut, USA

"It's been a year and a half since we began our sessions and I have spoken positively about Trishia's coaching. I really liked that our sessions helped me to get to know myself more in depth in a very professional way. This helped me broaden my horizons and become aware of the wide range of possibilities I had in life. Trishia also helped me realize how many important things in my life required more attention. She helped me refocus on what means most in my life professionally and personally. Definitely helpful was self-care and the actions required to meet my needs. This approach opened my eyes towards self-awareness. I am more content and confident to aim higher and broader for my career."


"Don't compare yourself with other people; compare yourself with who you were yesterday." - Jordan Peterson

"Trishia has been one of the most inspirational people and effective coaches with whom I have worked. Her caring yet forthright approach has made me really stop to consider my mindset, language, and behavior. The change I was looking for started to become clear after just a few sessions. By the end of our coaching, I was on my way to a new life and career path."

Director & Business Owner, Perth Australia

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