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At LichauCoach, our leadership development coaching services emphasize the importance of building strong relationships. We believe that customer feedback is a valuable tool in helping our clients enhance their leadership skills and foster better relationships.


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Head of Translational Research and Cure, Pharmaceuticals

Trishia is a most exceptional coach who is a rare combination of approaching clients with the utmost care and support and yet with intense challenge. This allowed me to dig deeply into my story and to identify barriers which elucidated strengths and achievements. She expertly guided me towards a view of my career, next steps and short term challenges. She made an incredible impact on my journey in a short amount of time and I will forever be grateful for our time together!
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President, Private Liberal Arts College

I found my work with Trishia helpful to re-center my leadership approach.  It was particularly timely coming out of unsettling times to be intentional about remaining results-oriented, authentic, empathetic, and accessible.  Leadership coaching provides the opportunity to create the space to examine a leader's level of energy for organizational benefits.
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"Trishia is patient, caring and understanding. She is a wonderful listener, very attentive to one’s needs. One of her best qualities is that she helps people by digging deep down to the root of a topic. She partners with people to build their potential from the bottom up. It has been delightful working with her and learning from her. I give my highest recommendation for her coaching process."

Physician-Scientist, Boston, MA USA

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AVP, Climate & Health

Trishia has a great holistic approach to coaching.  She is genuinely an empathetic person and the coaching experience provided benefits that I continue to reap in all areas of my life.  I believe the coaching experience was a key factor in my recent promotion. 

"Don't compare yourself with other people; compare yourself with who you were yesterday." - Jordan Peterson

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